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About the Practitioner

I am Bharat Kalra, Licensed Massage Therapist.

Massage Therapy : I am a nationally certified Massage Therapist duly licensed to practice in Illinois after having completed massage education at European Massage Therapy School, Skokie, Illinois. Craniosacral Therapy : I have completed Craniosacral Therapy Level II at John Upledger Institute, Florida. Reiki : I am an Independent Reiki Practioner having completed level III. I am also a certified Teacher in Usui Shiki Ryoho Tradition. I completed my Reiki education in India.Yoga : I had my formal training in Hatha Yoga in India under the direct guidance of my guru(teacher). I also completed Yoga Instructor's Course there.

Massage to me is not just a session of mechanical work consisting of some efflurage and petrissage strokes. My view of massage is a holistic treatment applied to restore a sense of well-being in the client.  

My massage sessions are a mix of techniques like Hands-on,Yoga Nidra, Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy which bring holistic results. My clients have reported a sense of deep and profound relaxation. Many of them have repeatedly had emotional release not experienced before.

The only way to know exactly what I can deliver is to have a session with me.

Why House Call
I have experienced that massage has a great therapeutic value. But it has been grossly under-rated so far because of lack of information.

This modality is the most economical way to help those who are not able to come out because of personal reasons. Also home visit is a great way to let the first time user have a feel of what the healing touch can.

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