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Corporate Stress Management

Corporate Stress Management Program

Become stress free without leaving your office

When work takes its toll on your  employees’ health and you’re searching for immediate relief, chair massage and meditation are the holistic solution to manage pain and stress at a very affordable rate.

Chair Massage • Indian Head Massage   

  • Licensed Massage Therapist comes right to your office and requires very little space
  • Instant pain and stress relief
  • Affordable with single and multiple packages
  • Flexible scheduling that doesn’t interfere  with work

Guided Meditation

  • Scientifically proven for instant stress relief
  • Individual or group setting    
  • Performed on the floor or chair
  • No mantra chanting or rituals
  • Not a religion based technique
  • Can bring about harmony when practiced  regularly

Payment options   

  1. Employer makes 100% payment
  2. Employee makes 100% payment
  3. Combination of contribution. 


Please call or email to find details.