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What is Cosmic Energy?

We can understand the phenomenon of (cosmic) energy by finding answer to the following:

Any guesses what keeps a human body alive!


Is it food ? No it is not ! We know a number of instances where ship-wreck survivors floated on sea under extreme weather conditions, without food for a number of days before they were spotted and rescued. The link below will take you to an article that tells about the 14 shipwreck survivors in Indonesia a couple of weeks ago or may be about the more thrilling story of Titanic survivors.

Rigorous fasting has been part of many sects like Jainism, Hinduism and Islam. The highest number of days fasted by a human being are 411 days by Hira Ratan Manek who had only sun-light for food during all these days.


Is it water? No! The same examples can be quoted as above. There are instances of people fasting for many days without water especially jains and muslims. Fasting without food and water is used as a way to cleanse body of long accumulated toxins.


So that leaves possibly only one element and that has to be air (oxygen). Yes ! it is oxygen! Wait! A female named Karoline M Meyer of Florianapolis, Brazil remained under-water holding her breath for 18 minutes and 32.59 seconds, a record registered in Guiness Book of World Records. We all know that under extreme emotional state of mind, breathing becomes faster. If one is angry the rate of breathing becomes faster. If one has sex on mind the breathing rate increases. Check the breathing of a spectator watching foot-ball match in the stadium or even on television, his breathing will be much faster than normal. Why so ? It is all because of the emotional upheaval the person is going through. If this is true then the opposite of this is also true. Re are no emotions, there are no thoughts and if there are no thoughts there is no breath. This can be experienced under the state of deep meditation.

In eastern parts of the world, you can easily find descriptions of yogis deliberately buried alive and then coming out of the hole after six months.

So, it is amply clear to us that food, water and air are not the factors that keep us alive.

The question that arises in our minds is what was it then that kept these human bodies going under such conditions.

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Cosmic energy

Under-water swimming, as mentioned above, is the best example for anyone to understand this phenomenon. She found a trick to survive without breathing for some minutes and someone else could survive without breathing for six months buried under the earth.

Have you ever noticed the frequency of breathe changing with moods and emotions? If you are angry your breathing is faster, if you are relaxed your breathing is normal or sometimes slower. Likewise, if your concentration is simply on one point or thought, your breathing rate falls down to 4 or 5 in a minute which is 16 to 17. In meditation when one reaches the advance stage known as No Thought State of mind the breathing actually stops and that is when one realizes the connection between respiration, thoughts and life.

The question is what is it that supports our system when the respiration slows down or completely stops. You do not have to go to Himalayas to find an answer. Simply attend a Vipassana meditation program to have a first-hand experience. http://www.dhamma.org

Yes, it is the cosmic energy that keeps everything running in perfect order under all circumstances. Given below is an example of the word that describes cosmic energy in the best possible way.

Praana means energy and vaayu is wind or air

Sanskrit,  the most ancient and accomplished  language, has  the word Praana-vaayu. If you break that word down Praana means energy and vaayu is wind or air. This helps us to understand the whole word and the energy phenomenon better. Wind or air is not life giving force but it is the carrier of energy. If we combine this knowledge, it becomes clear to us that if one can live without oxygen, food and water, then energy is the ultimate factor that keeps us alive.

Let us move a step forward in our understanding of cosmic energy ; also known as universal energy. This is the sole factor that runs the entire cosmos in perfect order and condition.

One wonders about the planetary system. How come the sun, moon, earth and all the planets rotate in perfect order? Why they do not collide with each other- it is solely because of the energy that helps maintain the distance. We know that plants have life. What gives life to plants-it is the energy. Have you ever bothered to notice the routine the sun follows?  It rises and sets as per the required schedule-thanks to the cosmic energy.

Flow of life with creative force

Since the entire universe is the result of this energy, we can call it the creative force or the creative essence. We all come out from the same source of energy in form of small specs; hence we are the result of that same creative essence. Thus, the life that flows through us or within us will also be known as the life force now onwards by us.

Blissfulness-The basic characteristics of the cosmic energy

 What do we mean by basic characteristic here? As heat is to fire, or cold is to ice, blissfulness is to cosmic energy. Since it is the basis of this phenomenon, we as a part of the same source also have the similar characteristic. Blissfulness is a state of mind which may be understood or described as combination of peace, love and joy.

So, we can say that when you are in total peace with yourself, loving the entire creation, will give rise to the sense of joy. Such a harmonious state of mind is known as blissfulness. In simple words we become one with the universe and attain that ultimate goal because of this harmony.

Cosmic energy and human body


 To understand the phenomenon of energy and healing it would be essential to understand about chakraas. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. At certain spots in human body energy moves in a particular direction and forms shapes that resemble certain shapes in the physical world. It will be pertinent to say that these are imaginary shapes meaning if our body is surgically opened, no such chakraas would be physically found.

One may wonder as to how these chakraas were discovered if they did not exist physically. Under deep meditation when one achieves a no thought state of mind, chakraas become clearly visible in our subtle or energy body. There are seven such chakraas in our subtle body.           

Energy tubes or Naadies

 There are 72000 different paths on which energy travels in the human body. These paths are known as naadies  or tubes carrying energy. They are spread through-out the body like roots and shoots of a tree. These energy tubes have their roots attached to seven different energy chakraas located in different spots of the body.

These chakraas get energy from the cosmos and supply it down to different parts of the body through the naadies.The most important among these naadies are Ida, Pingla and Sushumna. The balance of praan (energy) in Ida and Pingla is the chief  aim of entire Yoga process. We shall discuss about them later on.


If we look at acu-puncture/pressure techniques, the Chinese method of treating illness, we come to understand that this entire science is based on the flow of energy called meridians in the body. These meridians are nothing but energy tubes described above as nadis.There are 12 major meridians having numerous pressure points which govern the flow of energy to organs and processes in the body. Any blockages in those paths would ultimately result in illness conacted to that particular organ/process.

Location and Functions of Chakraas 

The knowledge about  the location of these energy circles and their functions can help understand the way they keep the body going.

There are seven energy centers in our body. Starting from the bottom we shall move to the top.

1.    Mulaadhar or Root Chakra

2.    Swadhishthaan  or Sacral Chakra

3.    Manipur or Solar Plexus

4.    Anahat  or Heart Chakra

5.    Vishudh  or Throat Chakra

6.    Agya  or Third Eye Chakra

7.    Sahastrar or Crown chakra

Mulaadhar or Root Chakra

 It is considered the base of entire energy system.

This energy center lies between anus and genital.

This lotus shaped chakra has 4 petals having crimson red color.

This chakra represents Earth element in our body.

This is the seat of our vitality. Our survival instincts are connected to this center.

This chakra helps regulate the activities below are hips-i.e. legs, knees, ankles and feet.

Gland: Suprarenal and adrenal.

Organs: Base of back bone, kidney, bladder

Negative emotion: Lack or Shortage of thing

Positive emotion  : Abundance

Swadhishthaan or Sacral Chakra

 This energy center is located above reproductive organ but below navel region.

This lotus shaped chakra has 6 petals having orange color.

This chakra represents Water element in the body.

This is the center of sexual energy in our body. This is also the seat of “I”ness or ego.

This center governs the sexual activity in our body.

Glands: Gonads

Organs: Reproductive organs

Negative emotions : Greed

Positive emotion    : Creativity

Manipur or Solar Plexus Chakra

 This is the exact center of our physical body.

This chakra lies behind the navel.

This lotus shaped chakra has 10 petals having yellow color.

This chakra represents Fire element in human body.

Also known as death center in human body-we can feel tightening around it when we are scared or full of anxiety.

Gland: None

Organs: Stomach, liver, pancreas

Negative Emotion : Jealousy

Positive Emotion   : Happiness

Anahat  or Heart Chakra

 This energy center is placed in the rib-cage at the height of heart.

This lotus shaped chakra has 12 petals having green color.

This chakra represents Vaayu or wind element in our body.

This center is the symbol of compassion. The emotion of love flows out from here.

Glands: Thymus

Organ: Heart, hands and blood circulation system

Negative emotion: Hatred, Fear

Positive emotion: Love

Vishudhi or Throat Chakra

 Its location is in the throat region.

This lotus shaped chakra has 16 petals having blue color.

This center represents Ether or Aakash element in our body.

This chakra represents the power of communication and the level of freedom of expression. Emotions cause throat choking is the simplest example.

Gland: Thyroid

Organs: Throat, Esophagus(food pipe),Lungs, Respiratory system

Negative emotion: Disappointment, Feeling low

Positive emotion: Thankfulness

Agya or Third Eye Chakra

 This energy center is located in the forehead little above two eye-brows.

This 2 petal lotus is sky blue in color.

This center governs the Ether element in the body.

This center represents concentration, determination and knowledge.

Gland: Pituitary

Organs: Spine, lower brain or hypothalamus, left eye, nose and ears

Negative emotion: Anger

Positive emotion:  Awakening

Sahastrar or Crown chakra

 This is the center through which our body is connected with the cosmic energy.

This energy center is located on top of the head.

This chakra is shaped like a fully bloomed 1000 pedaled lotus having violet color.

This chakra represents the highest form of consciousness in a human being. Also known as point of enlightenment or moksha or nirvana.

Gland: Pineal

Organs: Upper brain and right eye.

Though it is already mentioned earlier, I would like to remind the readers once again  that these chakraas are not present in the physical body. But they are there in the aura body and can be seen under the state of deep meditation.  

This very basic information given above gives an over-view of the field of energy and its importance in human body.

Aura or the Energy Body

 The word Aura is derived from the Latin language which means the glow of light. It is not just any glow of light, but the glow of light that surrounds things like table, chair, stone, animal, tree or a human body. We know that every living or non-living thing in this universe is made up of energy and whatever is made up of energy has a body around its physical body known as aura or energy body.

The energy body surrounding physical body is actually made of six layers namely :

*   Annamaya Shareer     or  Physical body 

a.    Praan Shareer            or  Etheric body

b.    Manomaya Shareer     or  Mental Body

c.    Bhaavmaya Shareer    or  Emotional Body

d.    Chaitanya Shareer      or  Spiritual Body

e.    Sukshma Shareer        or  Astral Body

f.     Aanandmaya Shareer  or  Celestial Body

Since our aim is to discuss and share the information related to human health we are going to stick to first 4 types of the aura body in later part of this topic. The last three bodies are related to the spiritual health of a person.     

1. Aura Watching

 Here we are going to stick to the aura surrounding human body. Though ordinarily  it is not possible to see the energy body with bear eyes but with certain exercises taught by an experienced  teacher (Yogi) one can develop the capacity to  see the aura. Kirllian, a  Russian scientist developed a photographic technique that can take photographs of human aura. It is a great step forward for the human race from health point of view because it is well known among the energy healers that any disease first sets in the aura body and if not cured at that level manifests itself in the physical body.

2. Checking self aura    

However, it is easier to feel one’s own aura body with a simple method. Rub both palms together  vigoursly for a duration of 3 to 5 minutes. Gradually move both your hands away from each other and then slowly bring them back closer to each other. You will find  both hands not able to come close and clasp. The reason is presence of unseen body in between both the hands. This unknown body is the self energy body.

a. Size

 Aura consists of three layers namely etheric, mental and spiritual. Etheric aura is about 8 inches wide, where as mental aura is 8 feet and spiritual aura can be from 8 to 1000 feet (or infinitly) wide. These measurements give an indication of  the dimensions but they actually vary from person to person.

b. Reach and clairvoyance

 Aura is a translucent field of energy.  Size and intensity of aura circle depends on the mental and emotional state of a person’s mind and his spiritual development.

Its colors and intensity change with the emotions of a person. All negative thoughts will deplete the aura in size and will make it weaker and vice-versa.

Spiritually advanced and developed persons have a highly developed clairvoyance. What is clairvoyance anyway ? It is the power to look beyond one’s  physical range of vision. Some people interpret this as a power to look into the future. In either case we are talking about the aura. Bigger the aura, broader the vision. This means if the aura is 1000 feet in diameter- one can see beyond 1000 feet sitting at one spot because the auric eye of that person is 1000 ft. farther then his physical eye. Like wise more advanced  person can look into the time (future) ahead or vice-versa.

C. Colors

 Aura can be of different colors. These aura-colors keep changing depending on the emotions and spiritual level of a person. Dr. Motaleb Barazandeh’s (Youtube) color analysis can help us understand this concept very well. Given below is the brief of different colors of aura and their characteristics:

Blue      : Helpful, Supportive, Caring

Green   : Teacher, Animal and Nature lover, Communicative

Indigo   : Seeker, Spiritually advanced, Sensitive, Independent

Orange : Adventurer, Good planner, appear to be powerful

Red       : Winner, Honest, Blunt, Straightforward, Sexually expressive

Violet     : Visionary, Intutive, Innovative

White    : Healer, Sensitive, Vulnerable, Translucent

For more accurate knowledge one should learn the art of aura watching and self analyze different colors  with personality  traits.

Having talked about energy and its kingdom and administration through chakraas, naadies and aura, it is now time to dwell on the realm of health.


 Right from the inception of mankind, health has been the prime concern of human race.With the process of evolution not only different definitions of health have emerged but they have constantly kept changing with the times.

 Not long ago health was related only  to the physical body; meaning, if a person appeared not to have any disease was called healthy but that is not the case any more. Today health is taken as a sum total of mind, body and spirit known as holistic health.

Let us take a perspective of the word health from healer’s point of view.

When all the energy chakraas are fully balanced, cosmic energy flows freely to each and every cell of the body. Respiratory system, blood circulation, endocrine system etc. function smoothly. Thus, the universal energy is transferred  without any hindrance to the receiving body. This is what is called total health from the energy healer’s point of view.

Here goes the maxim one derives from what is stated above ‘ Whenever the transfer of smooth flow of cosmic energy is disturbed it results into disruption of one’s ease and becomes known as dis-ease. The opposite of same can be taken as total health ”


Where there is cosmic energy there is health and the absence of the same is disease.


Whenever we are not in harmony with the universe we are diseased.


Like positivity and blissfulness are the basic characteristic of energy, negativity and sorrow are the features of the Nature. Here Nature does not mean vegetation, greenery, mountains, rivers etc. but anything that takes birth and goes to death or anything that has a beginning and an end comes under the purview of Nature. Sanskrit has a word called Prakriti that describes this facet of the universe called Nature.

To understand the phenomena of vibration we can take the example of sound waves. How does sound travel? Let us simplify this by understanding water waves first.If we throw a pebble in water there would be circular waves created all around and those waves would travel to the distance directly proportionate to the weight and velocity of the pebble. These waves use water as the medium and carrier.  

Similarly if a sound is produced it would form vibrations and those vibrations would travel in form of waves to the distance depending on the intensity of the stroke.

In the same manner when the mind produces a thought it creates vibrations. But those vibrations are so subtle that we cannot hear or see them. Therefore a machine called Electroencephalogram (EEG) is used to measure them.

Telepathy, though not fully developed and hence not recognized, is another great example of the vibration phenomena. Even in day to day life we often experience that we are thinking about a person and we receive a  phone call from him.   

Here comes a very important question and that is-how these vibrations travel? These vibrations use atmosphere as the medium and energy as the carrier. The invention of radio and television is based on the same phenomena. Sounds are produced in the radio station and we can hear them sitting away in our homes.

Negative Vibrations

The characteristic of these vibrations is that similar type of vibrations attract each other and they become stronger. It has a kind of snow-balling effect. In fact they never get destroyed because of this reason.  

If someone gets angry he/she creates vibration which affects people around him/her causing them to get angry and in turn the vibrations created by this group of people would affect millions in the world thus making the anger vibration stronger.  This would go on until the anger manifests itself in form a violent boxing match/road-side brawl /war/world war or a revolution and would  allow the energy to dissipate and subside. The proof of this can be found if one checks the causes of world-wars.

Mind you the vibrations have just become weak but not fully nullified. If that was not the case we wouldn’t have been fighting so many wars all around the world. Or we wouldn’t be producing more than ever weapons (nuclear) that the whole world could be brought to an end instantly and thus giving some relief to the anger vibrations collectively created.

Energy Blocks

 The example given above is the outer manifestation of those vibrations. But what about the system and the machinery (our body and brain) which produce those vibrations.

Since the energy that is supposed to run the body efficiently is used for some other purpose, becomes less available to the body itself. Let us understand it this way-if X energy is required to run the body, the available supply is X-1. This kind of shortage creates blocks in the body and these blocks manifest themselves in form of disease.

The organs/systems which are week will be the first one to be affected adversely.


Homeostasis is the capacity of body to achieve the natural balance or equilibreum by moving in the opposite direction. If there is a foreign substance causing imbalance, body would get rid of it through urination, defecation or vomiting, sneezing etc. If there is a shortage of fluid there would be thirst sensation urging to consume water(fluid).

Positive Thoughts

Similarly whenever there is an energy block caused by negative emotion like anger-nature (mind and body) tries to balance it by having positive emotions like trust, faith, love, peace and joy.

Here is where another phenomena comes into play and that is-these type of positive vibrations use a very different energy field known as higher level frequencies. Here higher stands for subtle as compared to negative thoughts which are at a lower or gross level.

One of the effects of these positive vibrations is that they remove energy blocks and diseases caused by negative thoughts and bring back the homeostasis. This can also be called the healing capacity of the energy flow. There are certain techniques which can enhance this flow of energy if the body and mind are attuned to them.


Reiki is a Japanese word. If we break it-Rei stands for Universal and Ki stands for Flow of life energy. Thus both combined they stand for Universal Flow of Life Energy. It was discovered by a Japanese doctor  Mikao Usui in early 1900 while meditating on Mount Kurama in the city of Kyoto in Japan.

It was a great spiritual experience for him. After fasting and meditating for 21 days in total seclusion the technique manifested itself in form of sounds and symbols. In the meditative state he kept listening those sounds and seeing those symbols till they were memorized by him.

The amazing results of what he had received during the meditation could be seen in four different situations :

1. Normally after 21 days fasting one would be short of energy and feeling weak. But in his case he was so much full of energy that he was almost running down the hill.

2. On his way back he stubbed his toe and it started bleeding. He stopped and held his toe with both his hands. As soon as he held his toe he felt a surge of energy through his fingers and the bleeding stopped instantly.

3. When he reached the bottom of the mountain he went to an eatery and ordereda large meal. He could eat the whole meal without any problem even though he had been fasting for such a long time.

4. A girl in the restaurant was crying because of unbearable tooth-ache. Dr. Usui put his hands on her jaws and the pain was gone in a few minutes.

This convinced him of the healing energy he had discovered and attained. Since then many have been attuned into that energy to receive the healing or to fulfill the short-fall of energy as discussed earlier.

Positive Intention

If one looks into the working of Reiki one finds the positive intention of the giver (person who is channeling the Reiki) or the well-being of the receiver powered by the cosmic energy that has been boosted by certain method called attunement. What attunement means is to turn in (tune into) the direction in which this universal life energy is flowing. A person thus attuned can facilitate the flow of healing power of the cosmic energy to intended targets within touchable distance or long distance just like radio/television waves. Such attunements are given by a teacher to a student or a guru to a pupil.

The sole aim of these vibrations is to bring healing and equilibrium by removing energy blocks.

Treatment & Homeostasis

So when we receive positive energy (Reiki) as a preventive or curative measure, it brings homeostasis in the body.

At this juncture it is pertinent to recall that we have been talking and understanding the cosmic energy as the basic life source.

Other modalities

In different parts of the world just like Reiki there exist many other very powerful modalities to deal with cosmic energy. Acupuncture, acupressure,reflexology,yoga postures, pranayaam(breathing technique),meditation are some of the methods to handle the lifes giving force.The most powerful of them is meditation.

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