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Meditation and Heart Disease


 Heart Disease and Meditation

This write-up is to draw your attention to the fact that I was trained in the science of Yoga in India and I have been effectively using meditation, breathing and element balancing techniques in my practice in the United States.

The benefits of Yoga/Meditation for Coronary Heart Disease

It is a well-established fact that Coronary Heart Disease is a physical condition for which conventional treatment including surgical intervention is incomplete and expensive. Since one of the root causes of Coronary Heart Disease is mental stress, it is necessary to take a holistic approach that deals with body, mind and energy effectively and is also affordable. Meditation and Pranayam (breathing techniques) are the steps that can help not only halt the entropy but can also aid to reverse Coronary Heart Disease.

Guided Meditation

Meditation an integral part of traditional Yoga, is accepted by medical professionals as an effective tool to relax the heart muscle. Research has found that oxygen needs of heart muscle is reduced by 8% after 6 hours of sound sleep where as just after 3minutes of meditation the oxygen consumption of heart is reduced by 20%.

Guided Meditation is a technique where the receiver is guided through his/her body and taken from alpha, gamma to theta level of relaxation. At those deeper levels of relaxation body corrects itself and returns back to homeostasis.

Effects of Yoga/Guided Meditation on Various Conditions

Meditation brings deeper relaxation, which allows arteries to get back to the normal level of elasticity, and thus helps balance HBP, aid to reduce angina, cholesterol and balance blood sugar levels.

Persons who can be benefited by Guided Meditation

  1. Those who have strong family history of CHD and Hypercholesterolemia 
  2. Those who have mild disease and wish to prevent progress.
  3. Those who cannot afford the cost of surgery.
  4. Those who fear surgery.
  5. Those who consider Bypass surgery only a temporary palliative measure and wish to try an alternative.
  6. Those who have not benefitted from Bypass surgery and Angioplasty and do not wish to repeat.
  7. Those who are considered technically unfit for Bypass surgery.

What To Expect In a Session

All sessions start with a brief interview in which participants are able to tell me about the issues they want addressed. Most sessions last 1 hour but occasionally 45 minutes sessions may be used.

Pranayam ( Breathing Techniques) and Mudras

Pran = Bio-energy or Chi    Ayam = Dimension. Therefore together they can be called Energy Dimension.  In this part participant is taught to breathe correctly. Certain breathing techniques aimed at improving heart conditions are taught. These techniques provide cure from the existing conditions also they have preventive qualities.

Mudra(Finger posture) 

Indian medical science identified that body is made of five elements namely earth, water, fire, wind and ether or space. These elements are represented by 5 fingers. All diseases in the body are caused by imbalances in these elements. By touching fingers in certain ways these imbalanced can be cured. These different ways of touching different fingers are called Mudras or finger postures. Mudras affecting heart conditions are taught to the participants.  

Guided Meditation

Person remains fully clothed in lying position on the table. Blanket or sheet is provided as per his/her needs. Person is mentally walked through the body and asked to observe and relax body part. Since every tissue has brain and gets stressed therefore if conscious attention is paid to them, they relax.




Complimentry Session

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First session: Free

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