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Medical researchers have found that 90% of our diseases are stress based. Constant fear due to social, financial and family uncertainties and lack of social support brings isolation and is the main cause of stress. This stress keeps our autonomic nervous system in fight or flight mode for long periods causing hormonal imbalance resulting in various dysfunctions of body organs and systems.

Dr. Ornish’s work in this field has been very useful and an eye-opener. More details can be obtained from his web-site http://www.pmri.org/index.html .

Understand Stress

‘Stress is self generated and is the by-product of fear’ we all know it. Fear is always related to unknown. In our minds we live either in the past or future without realizing that both are out-of-reach, therefore out of control. That is why they bring anxiety and fear which ultimately manifests in form of disease.

We all practice anxiety unknowingly and to undo all that, we have to learn to relax consciously. If this simple fact is accepted by us than it is only a matter of regularly practicing relaxation and raise the level of self awareness which will open the doors to the reservoir of infinite energy and healing power within.

Stress Management.

My understanding of stress management is very simple and which is, if thoughts can bring stress, they can bring relaxation too. Whenever body and mind are not backed by enough energy we end up in a total disharmony. But they can be synchronized simply by accessing abundant source of energy within ourselves and achieve total harmony.

This is the secret and here is the key.

Yoga Nidra or Guided Meditation

Alpha Rays

Just before slipping into deep sleep there comes a stage when we are neither asleep nor awake. At this stage mind produces Alpha rays and mind receptivity is 100%. This stage lasts for 3 to 5 minutes. With the help of Yoga-Nidra this duration can be expanded upto 30-40 minutes. This is a very deep and profound state of relaxation.

Hormones and relaxation

In that relaxed state of mind, Melatonin is  secreted by the pineal gland which is not only anti aging but also helps maintain sleep order.

This level of relaxation also produces Serotonin  that helps keep our moods under control by helping sleep, calming anxiety and relieving depression and general sense of feel good.

DHEA blood level rise at deep level of relaxation which provide protection against stress causing Cortisol.

Massage, Relaxation and Healing

Hands-on work followed by deep relaxation combined with energy work can bring instant healing to the receiver in a single session.

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