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Practice Relaxation Consciously

Practice relaxation consciously ‘Live with yourself’ Program

Are you tired of feeling stressed and out of control? Is it difficult for you to relax? Are you struggling with your emotions?
I can help you learn to relax and let go of your anxiety and stress. I can help you work through your difficult emotions. I can help you build self-awareness.
How? With Guided Meditation…
If we have been practicing anxiety unknowingly, we can undo it by learning to relax consciously. If we accept this as fact and regularly practice relaxation through meditation, we raise our level of self-awareness and this allows us to open the doorway to the reservoir of infinite energy.
Stress is self-generated and is the by-product of fear—we all know it to some degree. The root cause of our stress is that we fail to live in the present moment. Our thoughts often keep us in the past and/or future, both of which are out of our control. Our thoughts are often negative which have a destructive effect on our mind and will ultimately manifest themselves in some form of stress.
One day we will all ask a question such as, “Is there a way out?” because the rat race is going to continue forever. I want you to know that there is a way out. You can stop the energy drain and practice total relaxation. You can come back to yourself!
Whenever body and mind are not backed by enough energy, we end up in a total disharmony. Meditation allows us to synchronize our mind and body simply by accessing abundant energy to achieve total harmony. Furthermore, the best part is that this source of unlimited energy is within us and it can be tapped into at will.
What you need to know…
Wear lose fitting clothes that will allow you to sit or lie down comfortably.
Bring a mat or blanket, and a pillow if you need support for your knees or head.
• The session will be 60 to 90 minutes.
• Sessions begin with simple warm-up joint movements and stretches to make the leg muscles more flexible and stable, which will help you sit in a cross-legged position.
• This will be followed by some deep breathing (while in a sitting position) accompanied by specific Mudras (finger postures). These finger postures help calm the mind, balance the heart rate and blood pressure. You may find your mind cleared of thought clutter (after this phase) which lasts about 15 minutes. This will also set the stage for the next part of the session.
• You will be then asked to lie down and be guided through an inward journey. During this process you may feel profound relaxation like never before.
• Then your mind and body will be calm and prepared for Silent Meditation. You will be brought to the sitting position for this stage of the session.
Words aren’t enough to describe the extraordinary experience that you can have during these sessions.
Come enjoy and experience it for yourself !

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