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Yoga and Cell Phone


Yoga and The Cell Phone :

Did cell phone appear from no-where. No ! It is the result of the process that has been taking place all over the world through centuries due to the communication needs of human race. Finally when the cell phone took its form that we are familiar with today, it was welcome by all and its use spread all over the world. Rest of the world did not simply reject it because it had come out of the western world.

Similar platform can be used to explain the science of Yoga. The beginning of Yoga is untraceable. It has gone through the process of evolution all around the world and is available to the human race today in the form as we see it.

What is Yoga ?

Yoga is the technique to integrate and harmonize life. Yoga is not a particular technique or modality but is an art of living or a holistic way of life that synchronizes body, mind and soul. Yoga is a process of life that may lead to ultimate wisdom.

What Yoga is Not :

Yoga is not a ritual. Yoga is not wearing a typical dress in a typical way. Yoga is not praying in a typical posture. Therefore Yoga is neither Hindu, nor Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist.

Philosophy of Yoga :

Human life revolves around a single object and that is-how to get rid of unhappiness whether physical, mental or spiritual. Every moment brings stress and strain to the body. This stress is the end result of fear which in turn is the outcome of unknown. Finally this stress manifests itself in form of diseases in human body. The process that can reverse this vicious cycle is called Yoga. Here we are directly dealing with the part of the Yoga where body/body parts and their dysfunctions are the key factor. 

Yoga Postures :

Yogic science is based on the principle of cleansing of each and every cell in the body. Therefore different postures are performed. These postures facilitate the smooth flow of energy, blood and oxygen through-out the body.

Breathing :

Breathing techniques are the advanced techniques of the same process of  body cleansing at a subtle level. Excitement, anger, fear or sexually charged emotions cause breathe to be faster. On the other hand sleep, rest and laughter slow down the breathing rate. Therefore it is amply clear that breathe and emotions go together and hence can be used to handle stress.

Meditation :

The translation of the word meditation means to concentrate. This technique is based on the understanding that stress is the outcome of a person being scattered brain. Millions of thoughts cross human mind every day. The speed of mind is much more than that of body which causes disharmony between the two. Meditation is the technique that slows down the mind or totally shuts it off and allows body to get rid off the imbalance which has been causing blockages/diseases.

Therapeutic Value of Yoga

Good health is the mile-stone achieved by default though it is not the prime objective. Yoga can help improve following :

  • Respiratory System
  • Circulatory System
  • Cardiac Condition
  • Endocrine System
  • Nervous System

It is not suggested here that Yoga can replace any form of medical care. Therefore please visit the doctor for proper advice on any of the medical conditions you may have.