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Heart Burn-Myth & Reality

Myth and Reality

If I have heart-burn I have to live with it-Myth

Heart-burn not only can be controled, it can be totally cured without popping pills-Reality


Certain postures affect the digesion directly by creating pressure and massaging the entire Gestrointestine System. You have to learn and do them correctly.

Finger Postures

Also known as Mudras play a key role in balancing 5 body elements. Mudras have instant effect on digestion system there by stopping acid reflux.

Heart Burn-Understand It And Solve It

Heart-burn is the burning sensation felt behind the chest bone. Some time the pain radiates to the throat,neck or/and jaw. Word heart-burn is commonly used interchangeably with gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Burning sensation and pain is felt after eating or during the night. Some time the pain is increased when the person lies down or bends over.


The actual cause of heart-burn is a subject of research. However poor digestion, spicy and fried food, excess quantity of food, lack of exercise are some of the causes attributed to this condition.

Cardiac Condition

Heart-burn is also recognized by medical science as a symptom of an impending heart attack and angina. The symptoms of heart-burn and cardiac issue may be the same because they use the same nervous system.

American Population

More then 25 million Americans suffer from heart-burn. This is a ver conservative figure. It could be as high as 65 Million according to some estimates.


Take them if they work for you. Taking doctor's advice is always advisable.

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